Wear it Pink…

It’s no secret that I hate being cold and I’m not the slightest bit ashamed to admit that I will happily, and very proudly, wear a pair of long johns underneath my jeans when the winter breeze reaches minus degrees!

When it comes to fashion, winter is by far my favourite season for clothing and this year I have shocked myself and fallen head over heels with all things dusky pink. Up until now, pink is a colour I have made a conscious effort to stay away from as I’m fearful of looking like a barbie wannabe but this year it’s all change!

Bearing in mind my hatred for the winter nip, I couldn’t help but whip this cosy number off the hanger when I set eyes upon it in Topshop. It is the comfiest, most snuggly coat and is the statement piece my wardrobe was crying out for.

In the past, I have always played it safe with grey, black and navy coloured coats which on reflection I now realise take more time and dedication to fashion to get right. At least with a statement piece like this, it’s super easy and quick to dress with jeans and a plain jumper as the coat does all the action for you. I always find that with a darker, less textured coat, I spend far more time worrying about what to wear underneath to compensate for the lack of jazz on the outside – that my friends is not something I need to worry about with this buy!

This will, without a doubt, be a staple in my wardrobe this winter which I will dress up and dress down fairly easily. Knowing that I can chuck this on and go from slum to ‘go get it’ mum in 0.5 secs is just the piece I need for those sleep deprived, brain tackling, days!





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