Tinder For Mums



Or ‘Peanut’ as it’s actually known!

I stumbled across this app when I was about 6 months pregnant and thought it was genius. It’s completely free and an online community of like minded mums connecting with each other. I think it’s amazing and I want to share with you my experience.

I moved to Essex from London two and a half years ago with James. Because of my busy work schedule and planning our wedding I haven’t had time to meet friends who live close by. It was only when I started to think about maternity leave I decided it was time to put myself out there and get to know other ladies about to embark on the same journey as me. I hoped to find someone I could spend time with and perhaps even exchange frantic calls with in the middle of the night. A true wing-mama. That’s where Peanut came into play and I met my wonderful friend, Helen, who is every inch my ride or die wing-mama.

It’s super easy to make a profile and allows you to connect with other mums who live within a certain distance from you. You can set up group chats and create invites to meet up in one easy step. I’m not sponsored to write this I promise! I just think it’s great and such a good idea for mums in need of a little company.

The reason why I call it tinder for mums is because both mums have to ‘wave’ at each other before being able to chat – kind of like the swipe function on tinder. I was out of the dating game by the time tinder came around so I was quite excited to have my turn!

Helen and I have spoken near enough every single day since connecting on Peanut and I love our friendship, it’s like no other that I’ve got. Besides being mums, we have so much in common and can speak for hours about everything and anything – Love island, food, gym (only because we feel guilty about the food chat) and obviously our bubba’s. Her gorgeous son was born 2 weeks before Isla and we have shared every single moment of this together, the ups, the downs and everything in between. Although having only known each other for a short period of time we have shared our biggest journey together and I’m absolutely certain that our little ones will grow up to be very good friends.

Thanks peanut!





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