Pregnancy update

I am now 18 weeks pregnant and baby boy is the size of a piece of cake.. delicious! Lots of you have been messaging me on Instagram asking how I’m feeling and coping with being pregnant and chasing after a toddler etc so I thought I’d post an update.

So far this pregnancy is proving very different from my last but I’m struggling to put my finger on whether it’s the actual pregnancy or because I’m simply not getting the rest that I need this time round. Isla is pretty much non stop from sunrise to moonlight and although James is about a lot and I have support from family and friends, I still feel a burning desire to make the most of the next 4 months and therefore find myself burning the candle at both ends.

If I’m honest, I feel permanently exhausted and this isn’t helped by my sudden inheritance of insomnia. I’ve read online that this is quite common but never before have I experienced something so frustrating! I keep waking up between 3am-3:30am and laying in bed wide awake until 6:30-7 at which point I start to doze off and then lo and behold.. Isla wakes up and my day begins. It’s then a battle for me to stay awake until Isla has her afternoon nap at which point I crash on the sofa and wait for her shrieking through the monitor to wake me up.

With Isla I only gained a few stretch marks which have practically disappeared now and I’m hoping for the same again. I’ve started using bio oil from my chest down to beneath my bum a few weeks back and will do this once a day until he arrives. If you haven’t already discovered this, you can pick bio oil up in Primark for cheap!

I’ve also started to wear tight, non wired, supportive bras to prevent the envitable booby droop. After Isla’s pregnancy, my body more or less went back to its pre baby days but unfortunately my boobs didn’t and it affected my confidence more than I thought. It wasn’t until I fell pregnant this time and my boobs instantly filled out that I realised just how much I missed my former pals. This time round I’ve started wearing tightly compressed bras all day and night a lot earlier on during my pregnancy with the aim of preventing any further damage. Unfortunately during this stage of my pregnancy it’s advised that you sleep on your side and therefore the breast that’s on top and left to hang over the other, is subject to ‘saggy dog ear syndrome’ as I call it. When you wear a tight bra this doesn’t happen half as much and saves any long term ligiment damage. The bras I’m wearing are from M&S and I have linked them here.

Lots of people have asked if I can feel the baby yet and the answer is.. I’m not sure! Some days I think I can and then other days I get radio silence. I have an anterior placenta which is where the placenta is positioned on the front wall of the womb meaning the baby has more to kick through before he can be felt. I had the same with Isla and felt her at around 16 weeks but my midwife said that each pregnancy is different and although my placenta is positioned the same it doesn’t mean I will feel him at 16 weeks like what I did with Isla. According to other AP mums with multiple babies, each child is felt at different weeks mainly between 14 – 26 so I will wait and see! I’m starting to get flutters most days but will keep a close eye on his movements like advised by my midwife.

Another really odd symptom of this pregnancy is a constant itchy nose and mouth. Sometimes it wakes me in the night and I have to eat a biscuit to take the itch away.. what a terrible shame. No really I’m joking about the biscuit but I have to either blow my nose really hard and blow the itch away or have a drink of something. If anyone has had this and can recommend something, please let me know! It’s bloody irritating.

Lastly, now I know we are having a boy I’ve taken the plunge and started sorting through all of Isla’s old clothes. We only have a small house and storage is tight so we have to be efficient with our space and only keep stuff we need. As dramatic as it may sound, it’s been heartbreaking! I opened up her newborn box and out puffed a big cloud of her newborn smell.. yes I cried. There are some things I just can’t part with like her first ever baby grows, first swimming costume, first birthday dress etc but I think I’m turning a corner on endless piles of pink. I’ve started up a preloved page for Isla’s clothes as most of it still looks brand new and it’s a shame for it to go to waste. All the money I save from the page I am putting aside to go towards Isla’s new big girl bedroom which we are starting in a few months time. The page is called @preloved_by_ijd if you want to take a look!

Hope that’s answered most of your questions!

Lots of love




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