Potty training

I know people think I’m mad, but I’ve been putting Isla on the potty ever since she could sit up. I recently posted a photo of her on the potty on my Instagram account and I received a barrage of messages ‘already?!’, ‘how do you know she needs to go?’, ‘when did you start and why?’, ‘I’ve never seen it done so early, how comes?’ so here’s why, when and everything inbetween.

I first noticed that Isla was struggling to do a no2 into her nappy when she began sitting up. This was around the same time that I started to introduce solids and her poop was turning into love logs – she’s going to hate me for this post if she ever reads it!

If I stood her up she would go a lot quicker and with a lot more ease because she wasn’t sitting on it which makes perfect sense. Imagine pooping whilst sitting on the floor, makes you feel uncomfortable right?!

As soon as I noticed her straining and taking 10/15 minutes to go and then opening her nappy to find a poo the size of a peanut, I knew a potty was the way forward. I went out and brought a really basic one, nothing fancy, and it does the perfect job. £3 well spent!

Isla pulls a very distinctive face when she needs a no2 and this is my que to get the potty out. I always have it nearby to maximise my chances of getting her on the potty before it’s too late and 9 times out of 10 we are successful. I line the potty with toilet paper to reduce the cleanup operation and whilst she is on the potty we sing nursery rhymes and play with toys. I try to make it as positive as possible and reward her with lots of clapping and happy sounds/words when she has finished.

I have experience of being around children who are worried about going to the toilet and it’s a territory I wish not to be in so I’m trying to prevent it. It’s quite common for children to worry about going so they hold on to it for longer than necessary which is dangerous. I hope that by starting Isla on the potty at an early age means it will become routine and she will never worry about going. As with anything, the older a child becomes the less manipulative they are and the harder these things become.

I’m not yet carrying a potty around with me like the newest fashion essential, but when we are at home we use it once to twice a day and she loves it. She goes on it really well (no1 and no2), with lots of ease and even claps her hands when she is done!

We were recently at Isla’s grandparents and she started to struggle so I sat her on a big loo – She went within minutes showing our potty skills are transferable to the real thing!

As and when the time comes I will be buying a ‘my carry potty’ and I love the look of this one – Jojo Maman Bebe ‘My carry potty cat’ £26.99. It’s lightweight, leak proof and bag free which is ideal if there is nowhere to dispose of the contents nearby! Its pretty cute too!

Hope this answers everyone’s questions!

Lots of love



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