Packing your hospital bag…

is one of the most daunting things in lead up to having your baby! I know from speaking to lots of other expectant and new mums that it’s something that plays on our minds from quite early on in our pregnancy. When should you pack it? What should you pack in it? Is there too little or too much? Should you keep it at home or in the car? Slippers or flip flops? Nighties or two piece pjs? The options are endless.

Following my hospital bag video on Instagram earlier this week, I recieved lots of messages asking for a follow up blog and links so here you go. I’m including links to the exact brands I have chosen to use –

Baby bag

  • Cotton wool – to give that little bottom a good clean after the ‘first’ poo and by that I mean the thick black one that’s sticky as hell!

The muslins, hats, vests and sleepsuits are all from the same range at Next. I am using a large sized Longchamp bag to transport the baby’s bits to and from hospital.

Mums bag

  • Toiletry bag – flannel, hair shampoo and conditioner, body wash, octanisan body wash for intimate washing, body sponge, dry shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, hair brush, hair bands, nipple cream (Laninsoh is my favourite) and antibacterial hand gel – most of these are available from Boots
  • Towel
  • Dressing gown – I purchased a light weight short one from Primark
  • Flip flops or slippers and socks
  • 2x button up nighties (better for breastfeeding mums than as buttons make it easy to access boobies) I have one from Primark and one from H&M
  • 2x nursing bras (Hot Milk and Freya)
  • 4 pairs of big, oversized, knickers from Primark
  • Coming home outfit
  • Paracetamol

I am using a small suitcase on wheels for my bits! It’s so easy to pull along and satisfys my need for neat piles!

Don’t forget!

  • Phone charger
  • Antenatal notes
  • Camera
  • Birth support – pillows from home, aromatherapy, music, candles, iPad, magazines, hypnobirthing scripts etc

Snack bag

  • Lucozade to keep your energy up during labour
  • Food that’s high in carbs and slow releasing is good to provide energy so I will be packing snack a jacks, flapjacks, cereal bars and biscuits!
  • Fertility and breast friend tea from YourTea – I’ve spoken a lot about this recently on my Instagram stories and I’m really enjoying it, it tastes similar to green tea and is refreshing. At the moment I am drinking one cup of fertility tea everyday to balance out and support my hormones in preparation for birth. After delivery, I will continue to drink at least one cup per day to control all my hormones whilst they are trying to balance out after having the baby. Inwill begin to drink breast friend tea after delivery also to support a healthy milk supply.

Hope this helps!

Lots of love




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