Not long to go!

We are now in single digits with just 9 weeks until our little man is set to make us a family of four.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of struggle as my body has needed to slow down but circumstances around me have meant I haven’t been able too. Isla has been cutting her back teeth and so has been needier than normal and hasn’t been sleeping great at all. My Nan suffered a heart attack at the beginning of the month and has been in hospital ever since and we have had lots of disruptive building work going on at our house too. Our bathroom was out of action for 4 weeks which meant ferrying Isla to and from her grandparents every evening for a bath so it’s just been non stop!

Things are slowly easing up, the house is back to some normality as we have a beautiful, fully working bathroom again and Isla is getting back to her former self. She’s still waking most nights but only for a short while which is much of an improvement on the last few weeks.

My body is starting to feel more and more compacted as the weeks go by. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever really felt too uncomfortable this pregnancy (minus pgp!) but I’m definately starting to notice that I’m running out of room now! The nightly leg cramps which I had in my pregnancy with Isla have returned and the occasional consumption of fizzy drinks is over unless I want to be in agony for hours afterwards. My pgp has stayed much the same which is amazing! I was worried it would progress until I was barely able to move but if anything it’s eased up slightly which is a massive relief. However, the constant need for a wee has increased! Day and night I feel like I’m bursting only to rush to bathroom and produce a few drops which is very frustrating. As of yet, I haven’t gained any stretch marks but a lot can happen in 9 weeks so I will keep moisturising every day and see what happens! I purchased my first new nursing bra from Hot Milk (not the one in the photos above!) and have been wearing it in, its very comfortable and I definately recommend if you are looking for something a little sexy as well as useful! The baby is moving around lots every day now to the point where I can see little feet, hands or elbows (I’m not sure which!) moving from side to side across my stomach. It’s beautiful, if not abit alien like, but also the best feeling in the world which I wish I could bottle up and experience my whole entire life.

James took the side of Isla’s cot off this week as my belly is now too big to lean over and put her in/get her out. This obviously means she is now able to climb out of bed when she likes but so far she has stayed put during naps and at night. Maybe we are mad to transition her from a cot to a toddler bed so close to the baby arriving but it hasn’t seemed to cause much disruption to her normal routine at the moment. James has also pulled down some of Isla’s white newborn clothes from the loft and I will start to wash and iron them (iron for the first and last time obviously!) so they are all lovely and fresh for his arrival.

Me and James have a day set aside in a few weeks to go out and buy all the bits we need for the baby and for my hospital bag etc which I’m really looking forward too. We have arranged child care for Isla so we can concentrate fully and get properly prepared once and for all. We spent so many days researching and buying bits for Isla before she was born but we haven’t really had the chance to do that this time round and I feel really guilty about it. I’m looking forward to our shopping day and concentrating just on our little man, however, I put money on us coming home with something for Isla too!

I start my maternity leave in 3 weeks and I am so excited as it means no more 6am alarms or commuting to London! I will miss my work gang so much and the sanity that comes with adult interaction but I’m so ready to give up now and start nesting. I also have my baby shower to look forward too and hypnobirthing classes to start!

P.s. I think we might have chosen the baby’s name too!

Thanks for reading! Lots of love




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