Newborn essentials

I thought it would be handy to share with you the items that I am considering as essential for baby no2. Having already had Isla who we brought absolutely everything and anything for, I’m now in a position to share with you the items I consider as essential rather than nice to have.

1.Baby monitor with a sensor pad

This is number one for a reason. It can be an expensive piece of equipment but it’s worth every penny as it watches over baby whilst you can’t. The under mattress sensor pad monitors movement across the entire surface of the baby’s mattress, detecting even the slightest of movements. Most come with a rechargeable portable parent unit with a video screen which allows you to watch over your baby day and night. With Isla, this was particularly useful when she moved into her own room but from the very beginning we used it for her day time naps and at night. Some monitors also have a handy built in night light which we used in the first few months so that I could see Isla at night when the room was completely dark.

2. Sleepyhead

I’m sure I’m not the first and definately won’t be that last to tell you how handy a sleepyhead is! All materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic providing your baby with a safe and comfy place to sleep and play. It’s so lightweight and portable and we have taken it away with us several times for short breaks in the UK, it also followed us into most rooms in our home when Isla was younger and meant she could play and nap comfortably wherever I was. Up until Isla was about 10 weeks old I hated having her out of sight, even just for a few seconds, so this was an easy way of taking her everywhere with me around the house when I had other bits to do.

3. Isofix car seat base

Also known as the back saver. Incase you are unfamiliar with what this is, basically it’s a base that is fitted into the car and then the car seat is plugged into the base removing the need to use the cars seat belts to secure it. You pop the car seat on top of it, click it into place and that’s it! No bending over and into the car to connect the seat belt etc

4. Electonric thermometer

For months I had a standard thermometer for Isla which we had to hold under her armpit for what felt like a lifetime before it would produce a reading. Any kind of movement could cause an error so it was super stressful at times, especially as she got older and would wriggle around constantly. When she was about 9 months old I brought a digital thermometer which takes a reading from inside the ear within seconds. So much better!

5. Bath seat

A must have to save you from chronic back ache! Sometimes I would bath Isla two/three times a day, especially when poop explosions were at the height of fashion, so having a seat was a must.

6. Changing mat for on the move

We brought Isla quite an expensive changing table for her bedroom and I was adiment that I would always use it to change her throughout the day and at night. This lastest all of 5 minutes and I was desperate for a portable mat to keep downstairs during the day and to take upstairs with me to bed to change her throughout the night.

7. Changing bag

If you are a tidy freak like me and feel the need to know exactly where everything is all the time, this is a must have for you. Parents that dump everything into a handbag or rucksack… I admire you, I wish I could be more like you.. but I’m just not lol! My changing bag has compartments and I know exactly where I can find everything I will need. Bliss!

8. Tommee tippee perfect prep

When Isla moved on to formula this was a life saver. It produces a bottle of milk at the right temperature for your baby to drink within a few minutes and saves a lot of unnecessary crying.

9. Rear view car mirror for baby seat

This handy little contraption used to hang over Isla’s car seat and meant I could see her whilst I am driving. I don’t much like having my babies out of sight so this is perfect for when we were travelling longer distances.

10. Antibacterial gel / wipes

I went through this stuff like it was going out of fashion. I had tubes in the house, the car and the changing bag all of which I used and replaced plenty of times. Up until the baby’s first jabs at 8 weeks it’s good to be cautious about what germs they come into contact with and even after 8 weeks hygiene is still so important so for me this was essential

Hope this has been helpful! Everything is linked in its name.

Lots of love




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