My mummy must haves

I have called this post ‘mummy’ must haves for the simple reason that these are things I have personally gained comfort from as a first time mum and not because it’s what every baby needs. I have a tendency to over think things and with a person as precious as my first born I wanted to make sure I was caring for her the best I could. Below I have listed the items that I feel have helped to take the pressure off and lessen my anxiety as a new and inexperienced mum. Click the headings for links to these products.

Angel Care digital video, movement and sound baby monitor

This is quite an expensive bit of equipment but it’s worth every penny as it watches over Isla whilst I can’t. The under mattress sensor pad monitors movement across the entire surface of her mattress, detecting even the slightest of movements. It has a rechargeable portable parent unit with a video screen which allows us to watch over Isla day and night. It also has clear sound quality with the option to have continuous sound or noise activated transmission to allow us to hear her. This will become particularly useful when Isla moves into her own room but for now we use all the functions for her day time naps. It also has a really handy night light which we have used in our bedroom since she was born.

Sleepyhead Deluxe 

I’m sure I’m not the first and definately won’t be that last to tell you how handy a sleepyhead is! All materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic providing your baby with a safe and comfy place to sleep and play. It’s so lightweight and portable and we have taken it away with us several times for short breaks in the UK, it even follows us into most rooms in our home and means Isla can play and nap comfortably wherever I am. Up until Isla was about 10 weeks old I hated having her out of sight, even just for a few seconds, so this was an easy way of taking her everywhere with me around the house when I had other bits to do.

Baby safe turtle Bath thermometer by Vtech

This is great and not just a bog standard thermometer. To begin with we mainly used it to tell us the temperature of the bath water but now that Isla is older and more interactive she really enjoys the different melodies and songs that it plays. It also comes with a detachable baby turtle which is useful for scooping water up to pour over your baby – its not actually for this purpose but it does the trick. I am notorious for loving hot baths and showers so this was a must for me as my temperature gauge is well off!

Gro egg thermometer and night light

Temperature is something I really worried about when Isla was first born as it was a really hot summer and I was constantly panicked about her overheating. That’s where this little piece of equipment came into play and it was a great for peace of mind! It tells you the temperature of the room and then I would use the below chart to dress her accordingly.

This will be equally as useful in the winter when the temperature drops and we need to dress her in more layers.

Rear view car mirror for baby seat

This handy little contraption hangs over Isla’s car seat and means I can see her whilst I am driving. I don’t much like having Isla out of sight (I’m sure I’m not the only mum!) so this is perfect for when we are travelling and she is in the back of the car on her own. I brought mine from Amazon for £10.

Being a mum for the first time is an absolute whirlwind of emotion, both good and bad, so anything that can help lessen the stress and anxiety is in my opinion 100% worth the purchase. These items do not only look after your baby but will take care of your health and happiness too.

I hope this helps any of you lovely mums to be!






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