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I have been asked by quite a few of you to write this post so here it finally is, enjoy!

Firstly, I get asked quite frequently if i’ve got extensions so I thought I would clear up any speculation and confirm that this is all my own hair. There is absolutely nothing wrong with extensions but I’m proud to say that my mop is home grown!

My mum has naturally thick, voluminous hair, as does my sister, so I think that’s in my genetics and unfortunately not something you can magic from a bottle. In saying that, my dad is bald so maybe I just got lucky! However, since trying to grow my hair for my wedding last summer I have discovered some great products and tips for hair growth which I can share with you.

Three top tips

Some time back a family friend mentioned to me that plaiting your hair can stimulate growth and I think I’m proof that she was right! I started to french plait my hair 2/3 times a week at the end of 2015 when my hair was in a long bob and by my wedding in summer 2016 I had boob length locks. Here’s the science – When you plait your hair, you pull on the roots which improves circulation to your hair folicals and stimulates the release of nutrients and therefore induces growth. Although it must be said, plaiting your hair too tight can cause your hair to break so please go careful. Here I am the day before my wedding still going strong with my plait game!

My second top tip is diet related. My diet is quite heavily protein based, I eat lean meat with most meals and consume protein shakes throughout the week to help my body recover from training. I believe this is part of the reason my hair remains healthy. Here’s the science – Protein in your diet helps the body to produce keratin, which is fundamental to the hair structure. When keratin weakens, hair strands are more prone to breakage therefore the more protein you consume the healthier your hair is.

My third tip is to use less heat. Apart from rough drying my hair after I have washed it, I sometimes tong my hair once a week and sometimes I don’t even do that. Excessive use of heat most definitely damages hair and for that reason I have found other ways of styling my hair that doesn’t involve using heat. I have one particular trick up my sleeve using a single hairband to give me a bouncy blow dried look. Let me know if you would like me to share this trick!

My must have products…

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Pro Keratin refill shampoo and conditioning mask

I have used this shampoo and conditioning mask for the last 18 months – 2 years and I absolutely swear by it. It is proven to strengthen your hair by up to 70% and my hair is a great example of this. I used to suffer with split ends quite badly but now my hair is more or less split free. I use these products twice a week and use a high street branded shampoo and conditioner throughout the rest of the week to reduce build up.

OGX coconut milk anti-breakage serum

This is just all kinds of wonderful! Not only does it smell incredible but its so lightweight and doesn’t leave my hair greasy at all. I squeeze two full pumps into the palm of my hand and spread evenly throughout the ends of my hair after it has been towel dried. It gives the ends of my hair a beautiful shine and a lovely smell… just perfect!

Wet brush-pro

Forget the tangle teezer, this is the brush of all brushes! I only discovered it about 5 months ago and it’s the best brush I have ever used and I really wish I had found it year’s ago. Because of the length of my hair and the fact that its part bleached, it can get quite tangled but this brush sees to it no problem at all. I have used all kinds of brushes in the past, some don’t even get through to my scalp and others just rip my hair out but this brush I just can’t fault. 100% recommend! Check all the amazing patterns it comes in too.

Toni&Guy heat protection mist

I have used this mist for about 2 years now and wouldn’t change it for any other heat protection product on the market. I spray it all over my hair once it is towel dry and comb it through to make sure it is evenly spread out. It smells incredible and doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy once it is dry. I love it and think it does exactly what it says on the bottle!

Hope this helps!


  1. Abbie
    October 27, 2017 / 11:11 am

    Where do you get your L’Oréal products? Their site says they no longer offer this product and I’d really like to try it.

    • georgiadawsonblog
      October 27, 2017 / 11:33 am

      Hi Abbie,

      I used to get mine from an independent wholesaler, Chris and sons, based in North London but I’ve just looked online and its no longer available. Ive checked and you can buy the shampoo online from Tesco but it would appear that the conditioning mask is no longer sold. I have used the Loreal Mythic oil range before and thats amazing so I would advise trying that as its still available online. Hope this helps X

  2. Abbie
    October 28, 2017 / 2:38 pm

    That’s great! Thank you! X

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