My everyday makeup

I recieved quite a few makeup related messages yesterday off the back of one of my Instagram stories of me and Isla in the car so I thought I’d blog an update to my everyday makeup.

Putting makeup on has become more of an ordeal for me (than usual!) as of recent just because I’m so tired all the time and can’t be bothered. I’m always looking for short cuts to feeling fab in 10 mins and I think I’ve finally found a group of products that helps me to feel just that.

During the week I have about 15 minutes max to do my makeup and all the products listed above/below I can apply in that time. Below I have written a quick 1-10 of all the products I use and in order which I hope you will find helpful.

1. I apply Charlotte tilburys flawless filter all over face and rub in with a single pump of daily moisturiser

2. I apply my foundation with a brush and focus on brushing down my face, not up or all in different directions, so that the tiny hairs on my face are down and not sticking up when the light catches them!

3. I apply concealer under eyes, down the sides of nose, a little above my lip and on my chin and leave to set

4. Whilst my concealer is drying I shade in my eyebrows very gently with a brow brush and comb through so they look natural

5. Back to the concealer, I use a small brush and by making tiny gentle circles I blend out the edges of the concealer into my foundation

6. I apply a drop of highlighter to each of my cheekbones and blend in with my foundation brush. I then use any excess highlighter from the brush down the bridge of my nose, on the tip and on my Cupid’s bow

7. I use the Chanel Soleil tan to contour and go straight over the top with the Hoola bronzer on my forehead, cheeks and jawline

8. I apply the Melba blush to my cheeks

9. I use the Charlotte tilbury bigger brighter eyes palette as per the instructions on the back of the palette and then apply my mascara. Sometimes I put a black pencil liner on my upper waterline to make my eyes appear bluer

10. Last but not least, lips! I outline them with my Toast liner from Barry M and apply my new fav lip colour, honeylove by MAC! Finish with a spritz of setting spray

My makeup style isn’t for everyone, agreed! I like to look natural and glowy and almost like I don’t really have any on if that makes sense!

Hope this answers your questions

Lots of love




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