My after birth survival guide

After having Isla, James was at home with us for 2 weeks. I knew that once he returned to work I was going to be pretty much on my own most days and needed to be feeling well enough to care for both myself and my little lady.

I’m sure I can speak on behalf of most mums, looking after a little one is a full time job. There is absolutely no time to be ill and with this in mind as soon as I arrived home from hospital I started to take the following:

Homepathic Arnica – this is a homeopathic medicinal product used for symptomatic relief of sprains, muscular aches, bruising and swelling. It is widely recommended by midwives and naturopaths because it’s natural, safe, and effective for pain relief, bruise healing, and fast recovery. Midwives will recommend homeopathic arnica for symptoms of postpartum bruising, slight swelling, and residual pain from the muscle strain that occurs during labor and childbirth. It can also help with backache or physical fatigue. I personally felt that it helped my body to feel restored and it provided me with a sense of energy again! I began by taking 2x 30c pillules every 2 hours for the first 6 doses and then 4 times daily for a week. This is available to buy from Holland and Barrett.

Sanatogen ‘mum to be’ – I took this supplement specifically because I am breastfeeding. I’m sure you will already know that breastfeeding is a nutritionally demanding time and therefore it is really important to take care of yourself and make sure you are getting everything that you need. I take one tablet a day with food, each tablet contains 18 different vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, Zinc and Iron which helps to fuel my energy levels and support my immune system! You can also take this supplement during pregnancy but I decided to take pregnacare instead.

Octenisan body wash – this was recommended to me by my midwife and I can’t help but encourage all other new mums to
invest in some also. I suffered both bruising and tears to my lower region (the polite way of saying vagina.. oops now I’ve said it) and I was in quite a lot of pain but this liquid wash worked wonders! It is soap, perfume and colour free and is a gentle solution that helps to prevent infection. I would use a small amount mixed in with some warm water and pat/massage it in to the area and then wash it off with warm water. Within days of using this wash, I felt so much more comfortable and could finally sit down without wanting to shoot through the roof! I brought mine from the pharmacy in Tesco but I’m sure it’s probably available from most superstores.

I also took paracetamol for the first few days after having Isla. I didn’t wait until I was in pain, I just took them on a regular basis to prevent the onset of any narsty niggles. This was advised by my midwife and I’m really glad I took her advice because it helped me to relax and enjoy Isla in those very precious early days.

I remember the day we came home with Isla very well but if I’m honest the three weeks on from that point are a total blur. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to get wrapped up in the whirlwind of a new baby and all the visiting well wishers that you can forget about yourself and your recovery. Thankfully, I was back to feeling my normal self within 2-3 weeks but I now know that when your health is temporarily taken away from you, like mine was with PUPPP rash, you feel completely helpless and I would do anything to prevent that again.

Always look after yourself so you can look after your little one!





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