Meet my midwife

I am beyond lucky to have a midwife that I adore and get on with so well. She is the best of the best and I couldn’t quite believe my luck when I managed to bag her again for baby no2.

This is Marj and I met her for the very first time on the day I gave birth to Isla. She was the senior midwife in charge of my delivery and she was just amazing from start to finish. She stepped into the birthing room when I was about 8cm dilated and that’s the first we ever met. She didn’t leave my side until Isla was about 4 hours old and she continued to visit me at home for around 6 weeks in which time we built up such a lovely relationship. From the very beginning, she has been my biggest source of comfort and has always been my number one supporter, willing me on when I felt overwhelmed and always making me feel like I’m the best mum I can possibly be. Ive laughed with her, I’ve cried to her and she’s seen me at my most vulnerable and I honestly wouldn’t wish for it to be anyone else.

This time round, Marj has been visiting me throughout my pregnancy which has been so nice. With Isla, I saw a different midwife at each and every checkup so seeing the same midwife month after month has been far better.

It’s also been so lovely to see Marj and Isla together. Isla wasn’t too sure at first as she’s not great with unfamiliar faces but now they are like the best of friends and Isla loves to spend time with her. Most checkups are at my house and Marj will often stay for a coffee afterwards and play with Isla which is just the sweetest thing to watch. I never imagined that Isla would get to spend time with the midwife who helped to bring her into this world and so it’s a lovely journey for us all and I can’t wait to show her these pictures when she is older.

These pictures are from Marj’s last visit and as ever Isla loves to get involved. After I had my bumped measured and baby’s heart beat checked, Isla had to have the same and then lined up all her teddies so that they could be checked over too.

There is no guarentee that Marj will be on shift when I go into labour so she may not be the midwife to deliver baby no2 – I can only hope and pray the timing is right!

I’m forever reading negative stories about the NHS but this is not one of those. I am truely grateful for all the support they have given and continue to give us and for bringing Marj into our lives.

Lots of love




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