Maternity wear

I’ve been promising this for a few weeks but I’ve been struggling to find clothes that one, I’m comfortable in and, two, I actually like so I didn’t want to post anything until I had some good bits to share.

My wardrobe is split into casual, work and evening clothes so I will split this post into three sections to make it easier.

Very little of what I wear is actually from a maternity range, it’s usually just normal clothing in a bigger size and thankfully for us pregnant ladies, oversized is currently in fashion.

Links are in the item name.


Leather leggings

My number one maternity staple. They aren’t maternity but they have a stretchy waistband which saw me through all 9 months of my pregnancy with Isla and were super comfortable.

High waisted jeans

I had a pair of these when I was pregnant with Isla and I’ve opted for the same again. They are over the bump, comfortable and hug in all the right places. I find black slimming so I always opt for a black trousers, especially in later pregnancy.

Oversized sweater Now on Sale!

I absolutely love this colour and it’s so easy to chuck on when you are in a rush or have no idea what to wear. I usually pair it with black leggings/jeans and either trainers or chunky flat boots.

Oversized t-shirts

These are so comfortable, come in lots of colours and are the perfect length to cover your bump and bum.

Lounge set

Comfort is priority and this is exactly that. It’s such a beautiful colour and I love the waffle texture for a bit of something extra. I brought a small and it accommodates my bump and fits elsewhere else nicely. Its also available in grey and stone.

Wide leg ribbed jumpsuit

This is such a simple easy piece with a comfortable wide leg which can be easily dressed up or down and is comfortable for bump without the dreaded camels toe!

Oversized slouchy jumpsuit

This is my wardrobe ready for the summer! I can’t wait to wear it with sandals or trainers.

Midi dress

This is that super stretchy thick material that all is pregnant women love! Perfect for holding everything in and is ideal to wear casually or at work.


I’m at work part time so I don’t need a whole load of pieces to wear but I have some firm favourites.

Leopard print blouse

I mainly always wear my black Joni jeans to work so a statement blouse is perfect. This is actually sold as a dress but when accommodating a bump, it’s more of a top!

Oversized shirt

So comfortable and the perfect length to cover bump and bum! This is a piece for a lazy day when you just want to wear something comfortable and easy and that looks good too.

Evening wear

If (and when!) I actually go out in the evening I usually always go for a midi dress as they are comfortable and easy to wear with heels but I have a few evenings out coming up and I’m opting for something slightly different.


This is super stretchy and comfortable and I absolutely love the tie for above my bump. It also comes in navy and khaki and I can’t wait to wear it with a pair of simple heels, a nice blow dry and my makeup done for once!

Top and trouser coord

This is a bit daring for a pregnant woman and not for everyone but I might give it a go! I think the earlier on in your pregnancy the better otherwise the band at the top of trousers might become uncomfortable across your bump. If I don’t feel that comfortable with the top I might wear it still but tie a blouse or shirt over the top for more coverage. I would also wear this during the day with a sweater and trainers.

Sorry this post took its time but I hope it was worth it!

Lots of love




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