Keep your hair on!

For about 3 months now, I have been loosing hair – from my head – just to clarify! If it was anywhere else I wouldn’t mind quite as much, infact it would be bloody brillaint!

I was loosing handfuls at a time, mainly when I wash my hair and to be honest I’ve found it really quite hard to deal with. A few people have said to me ‘it’s okay because you’ve got plenty of hair’ but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Just because I’ve still got hair on my head doesn’t mean I can’t feel upset about it. Do I have to wait until I’m bald to feeling like moaning is acceptable?! To me, its quite noticable especially around the front of my hairline which you can see in the photo above, and the one at the bottom of this post. Directly below, is a picture of the amount I would loose each time I washed my hair –

This is most definately postpartum hair loss and I’ve read that it’s very common in women 3-6 months after having a baby. It is thought that most new mums notice some kind of hair loss but some suffer more than others and it can become quite dramatic around 3 months postpartum – THIS IS ME! – I’ve lost and hoovered up so much hair that it broke the filter on my Dyson!

During pregnancy the increased levels of estrogen freezes hair in the growing or resting cycle. This means that hair that would usually fall out stays put, resulting in thicker fuller looking hair. After you give birth and the estrogen levels drop, all the hair that was resting starts to fall out. This is somewhat true in my case, but I am 110% certain that my hair is now thinner than it was before I fell pregnant meaning I’ve lost more than just the hair that was resting. I do have a tendency to be over dramatic but even my hairdresser agrees with me on this one!

I am now 6 months postpartum and my hair loss has slowed down considerably. I still loose hair in the shower and when I brush it, but nothing near to the handfuls that I was loosing not so long ago. My dyson is at last enjoying a well deserved break!

Research suggests that most women return to their usual hair growth cycle 6-12 months after giving birth and I think this is true of me. Vitamins including biotin, selenium, B5, B6, vitamin C and minerals such as zinc and iron are thought to provide essential hair nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. There are plenty of hair vitamins available on the market that combine all of them, and the most popular at the moment seems to be Hairburst.

I have been taking Hairburst chewable hair vitamins for 2 months and I can really notice a difference. I wouldn’t say my hair has grown masses in length, but my hair loss has definately slowed down. My hair grows at quite a healthy speed anyway and has grown since I started taking the vitamins but no more than what it usually would if that makes sense. Here is a link incase you are interested in purchasing them online, or alternatively, they are available in store at Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett.

Hairburst offer a range of vitamins but I prefer the chewable ones as I find it hard to swallow tablets. They are cute heart shapes and are strawberry and blackcurrent flavour which actually tastes quite nice! They include biotin, selenium, zinc, b12 and pantothenic acid – all thought to be essential in inducing and maintaining healthy, faster hair growth. I definately recommend them!

Being realistic, I think it will be a year or so before my hair is completely back to normal in terms of it’s thickness. For now, I will use the left over rolls of cellotape from Christmas to stick the abundance of hair from the rest of my body to my head. P r o b l e m   s o l v e d.

I also definately need start pushing my foundation into my hairline.. joy oh joy!

Lots of love




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