It’s a boy!

My beautiful son! I still can’t believe it. To say I feel blessed is an understandment as having one of each is the dream and for us its come true.

This pregnancy has been quite different to that of Isla’s so I should have trusted my gut and been confident from day dot that I was carrying a boy but my vision of us with two daughters was so strong it kept pushing me off.

Having already got a daughter, and now to be expecting a son, feels so special. It feels like we are doing it for the first time all over again and I’m anticipating the unknown and for things to be much different. Having another daughter would have been perfect but something about expecting a different sex to your first feels exhilarating.

The sensible, money saving minion in me (which doesn’t and won’t ever exist) thought that another daughter would have been just perfect as reusing all of Isla’s clothes would have been a good job done and my contribution towards a greener, more money efficient, household. However, I now feel liberated to wander the shops picking up every blue garment I set my eyes upon and spend life in close quarters with my overdraft.

I have four nephews and practically lived in with my sister when the eldest, Mason, was born so I hope I will know what to do with a boy. That sounds strange doesn’t it, but in my experience of having Isla and knowing mums with boys at the same age, they seem quite different. Maybe needier to begin with but more independent toodlers… who knows?! But I can’t WAIT!

Having a son also means that Isla will always be my only girl, my first born princess and forever best friend and this I’m so in love with. She is my absolute world and although a difference in gender will mean nothing to her now, I hope that as years go by she will realise that having a brother means she will get the best of both worlds. She will experience things she may not necessarily have done without a brother and will get an up close and personal insight into the ‘male species’ something that I feel the more experience you have with, the better! She will be so lucky to share her life with a male companion, like I did with my brother, and from him, are some of the best memories I have!

To answer a few common questions that have popped into my Instagram messages – we had an early gender scan at 16 weeks and the sex identification is 99% certain. Based on the size of his winkle at which I gasped and shouted ‘it’s bigger than yours James’ I am 100% certain that it’s a boy. There is absolutely no doubt and part of my wonders if it’s a penis I’m going to give birth too, or an actual child. Isla was able to join us in the room and all three of us were able to listen to his heartbeat and spend 5 minutes looking at his face and body in 4D. We left with a lovely album of snaps, 2D, 3D and 4D which are currently sprawled all over the house so that at every corner we can be reminded of what we have to look forward too. He is officially part of us and we, at last, can resemble the dream team… the peppa pig family!

Both myself and James feel so unbelievably lucky and can’t wait to get on with the next 5 months preparing for his arrival. Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to share more with you along the way.

Lots of love




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