Isla turns one

I’ve had quite a few messages from people wanting to know about Isla’s birthday and where we got our decorations etc from so I thought instead of plastering it all over my instagram feed and annoying 95% of my followers who don’t care, I’d write a blog post instead!

I found it so hard to find an outfit for Isla that I thought was special enough for her birthday, I knew exactly what I wanted but I couldn’t find it anywhere! In the end, I approached Hester at who makes gorgeous handmade children’s clothing and she made an outfit for Isla which was as close to what I wanted as possible. It had a pretty, delicate back with frills and a bow and fitted Isla really well. The only thing I would say is that the material was quite seethrough so I had to put a pair of white knickers over Isla’s nappy so it couldn’t be seen through the material. It wasn’t the end of the world and still looked very cute! Here are some more photos –

The turnaround on the outfit was really quick, only 4/5 days and was very reasonably priced. I would most definately recommend Hester’s clothing if you are looking for a one off piece as she has a variety of materials (check her instagram!) and is really accommodating which is good for fussy people like me! If you are looking for something different, check out Children Salon for lots of outfit inspiration.

We also had a lovely personalised vest from @doodleprints which Isla wore the morning after her birthday when opening all her presents.

The back drop, balloon arrangement and table skirt for the cake table and the 4ft Perspex 1 filled with balloons were provided by @carlytaylorballoons

I knew exactly what I wanted and thankfully Carly delivered the dream! She also provided a gorgeous gold foil 1 balloon with a white tassel and lots of 3/5 bunches of balloons to dot about the place and carry the colour theme through into the garden. I only contacted Carly 6 weeks before Isla’s birthday and she literally saved my life and a whole load of stress. She is Essex based and is so good at what she does! If you are looking for a balloon specialist or someone to decorate your venue, she’s your girl!

I purchased the ‘one today’ bunting, gold table confetti and pastel pink cake fountain from GingerRay, links below –

‘One today’ bunting

Gold table confetti

Pastel pink cake fountain

We also had two birthday boards from @partyswan which were a lovely touch. We attached one to the door at the entrance of the party with a bunch of balloons and the other was used as a selfie frame!I was asked about the pink themed food at the party, so here are some details below:

The cake, personalised cupcakes and personalised cookies were all made by Isla’s Nanny… I know what you’re thinking, lucky us! She is a super talented and an all round baker who can make anything and everything! She is Essex based and designs and creates the tastiest wedding cakes, edible wedding favours, baby shower and birthday cakes, biscuits, cupcakes and cookies. Message me for details!

The personalised cookies were for people to take away as a thank you for coming to Isla’s party and they went down a treat! We wrapped them in little clear plastic bags from Hobbycraft and sealed them with some florist ribbon.

The fresh flowers on the birthday cake were from a local florist and the glitter 1 and ribbon were handmade by Isla’s Nanny.

The cake stand was brought from the Mary Berry range at Lakeland, £10.99.

All other dessert plates and cake stands were purchased from good old Ikea at £2 a pop! Can’t go wrong!

The theme of Isla’s party was afternoon tea so was mainly cake and sweet things. All of the food, including the pink macaroons, white and pink decorated cream slices and Belgium buns (people messaged me to ask about this!) were brought from Costco. We also brought some tasty mini beef sliders, mini hotdogs in buns and mozzarella dippers from Costco which were gobbled down in a matter of moments. They were boxed ready to serve once cooked for 15 minutes (I think!) and were literally perfect and no fuss whatsoever. I purchased the sweet tubs and sweet bags from amazon and brought all of the sweets from Tesco, sticking to the white and pink theme. I chose, strawbs, strawberry bonbons, marshmellows, flumps, strawberry chewits and drumsticks.

Isla’s birthday card which featured on the cake table was from @tedanddollys – it was amazing, so detailed and so special! Well worth the money and definately an item for her memory box.

I am furtherest thing from a fashionista and like to leave the style blogging down to the stylish but people have asked me about my outfit and I’m very flattered! Although it looks like a dress, it’s actually a 2 piece and it’s from Missguided. Unfortunately the top is no longer in stock but the skirt is here

Miserably, I failed at wearing the right shoes, I originally brought some nude block heels from Public Desire but they turned up in the wrong size and then the right size didn’t turn up until 5pm on the day of the party, ugh! Here they are anyway Nude faux suede block heels

Hope that answers everyone’s questions! Sorry if I haven’t replied to you personally, it’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve tried to stay off my phone for the last few days to enjoy some precious family time.

Lots of love




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