From a bottle to a beaker

After three months of trying, Isla is finally drinking water! And all on her own!

I just assumed that if I put water into one of her normal bottles, she would drink it and that would be that, but I was wrong!

Every time I tried her on a bottle of water she would take a few sucks and then push it away. As soon as she figured out it wasn’t milk she was no longer interested and I had to wait ages before trying her again in hope that she would have forgotten and give it another go. I would do this 10/15 times a day and I would be lucky if she took as much as 2oz throughout that period. It was frustrating, disappointing and damn right irrtating!

I knew she wasn’t phased by the flavour of water because I’ve often caught her sucking the bath sponge dry, so I knew it was the way that I was giving it to her which was the issue rather than the water itself.

It was when she was about 7 months old that it really started to play on my mind and I felt it was starting to become an issue. She had had a couple of episodes of illness where she wasn’t drinking her milk and I was worried about her becoming dehydrated. I brought several different beakers and sippy cups for her to try, including, one with handles, one with a straw, a big one, a small one, one that was colourful and patterned and many many more! You name it and I’ve probably had it. One beaker cost us as much as £12 and guess what.. it didn’t work! None of them did.

It wasn’t until Isla was 8 months old and I was sorting through some cupboards that I found an open top baby cup that she had been brought by my aunty some time back. In my head, I had written it off before we had even tried it because it seemed too advanced but to my amazement she drank out of it just fine. I held it to her mouth and she would take mouthful after mouthful. She loved the cup and flapped with excitement when she saw it coming towards her. I was so so pleased!

I felt bad for underestimating her and after all this time all she wanted was to drink out of a normal cup like everyone else! Who knew it was that simple.

We used this cup for about a month or so before moving onto the Tommee Tippee free flow beaker. The open top cup was all well and good but it meant carrying around a bottle of steralised water to pour into the cup. It wasnt the most convenient idea we’ve had!

What I hadn’t realised about all the other beakers I had brought previously is that none of them were free flow. They all required some kind of action from her (sucking, tipping etc) other than just putting it to her mouth. Whereas, the Tommee Tippee beaker is different. It has two nice big handles for her small hands to hold and as soon as she gets the spout to her mouth the cup is at an angle to let the water flow into her mouth.

This cup is so simple and I wish I had gone straight for this months ago rather than the fancy options which are just to complicated. It’s BPA free, leak proof, it has a flip down spout and is dishwater safe. Oh and it’s £1.50. I couldn’t recommend it more – Here is a link  to the beaker if you are interested!

Lots of love




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