Dressing bump…

Trying to stay stylish during pregnancy is a struggle but I think it’s hugely important for making you feel good about yourself when your body is going through masses of change.

For anyone that knows me well enough you could tell I was pregnant almost immediately as I had an anterior placenta which meant my belly started to protude straight away. But for people that didn’t know me I was fearful of looking like I had eaten too much at Christmas and put on a pudding belly!

I was about 8 weeks pregnant when I could no longer zip my normal jeans up. I managed to hang on to them by using the hairband trick before finally biting the bullet and buying some maternity jeans when I was about 3 months pregnant.

I had three pairs of maternity jeans throughout my pregnancy and they were all from Topshop. I have heard good things about ASOS maternity jeans but I prefer buying jeans I can try on first. I’m usually a size 8 but I brought a size 10 for comfort and to accommodate the envitable weight gain. I personally prefer the over bump band style rather than the below bump as I found myself continually pulling them up and believe me it becomes frustrating!

The best buy of my entire pregnancy was a pair of leather look leggings from the ASOS maternity range. I LOVED them! I wore them so much, especially towards the end of my pregnancy, that they became a standing joke amongst my friends. They were super comfy and an easy way to jazz up a simple outfit. I’ve never been a big fan of leggings but this pair I just couldn’t take off! I always made sure to wear them with a long top to cover my bum (and any dreaded VPL!). A long top also covered the top of my thighs which was the place I gained most of my weight. Covering them somehow made me feel slimmer, out of sight out of mind! Here is a link to a similar pair.

I got away with buying most of my tops from the normal sections in most shops but just in a bigger size and ensuring they were the right style. Bralets and belly tops were off my agenda!

My pregnancy went through a freezing cold winter and hot summer which meant I ended up needing two very different maternity wardrobes. With this in mind and not wanting to spend ridiculously, I shopped around in Primark and Boohoo and found some really good essentials for less than £10. Boohoo in particular has an incredible maternity range and it’s where I got this cold shoulder camel top and ribbed khaki choker dress from:


This grey strap dress is from Primark and was just £6, bargain!

Missguided is brillaint for stretchy dresses and it’s where I got these two from:


For more causal clothes or ‘sloppy joes’ as my mum calls them, I found Minnie’s Boutique maternity range to be really good. That’s where this off the shoulder grey tracksuit is from (the top is full length I was just getting my belly out as per usual!):

Don’t be afraid to show your bump off, it’s the most beautiful thing and you should wear it with a lot of pride. I hope this helps some you lovely pregnant ladies, let me know how you all get on!





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