Don’t forget dads

Anyone who knows mine and James’s relationship will know that he is my victim! If I can’t take the piss out of him and laugh until my sides split, who can? That’s just the way we are and it works, our marriage is playful, the love is real and trust me he gets his own back.

All jokes aside, I’ve been meaning to write this post for sometime and now feels just perfect. I’ve had a tough few weeks with one thing and another and without his support and constant belief in me, I’m not sure how I would of coped.

James was away at the weekend so I was effectively single parenting and it was bloody hard work. Hats off to all you single parents, you deserve THE medal of medals! There’s been no better lesson for me than juggling work, home and Isla to understand and appreciate just how much he does and how little it is acknowledged. This wasn’t supposed to be a James appreciation post (although he would love that), but if you do happen to read this – thank you sugar.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times in the last year where people have singled me out as bringing Isla up and although, lovely and such a compliment, it just doesn’t sit too well with me. It’s not true and for people to assume that’s it’s all my hard work just feels wrong.

James parents Isla just as much as me and I’m so proud of that. My dad always messes with me and says I’ve bagged myself a ‘new age’ man and I couldn’t agree more. He cleans, he cooks and above all he takes care of his girls. He has changed the same (if not more!) nappies than I have, he feeds Isla, baths and dresses her (in some very questionable outfits!), he spends lots of time with her and most importantly he loves her with every bone in his body. He provides me with so much strength and support, allowing me to be the best mum that I can possibly be and that is something I will always be grateful for.

More often than not, dads are shamed online so I thought it would be nice to read something a little different. With it being Father’s day soon too, I thought I’d also link some present ideas for anyone who is struggling!

My 1st Years Personalised frame with your baby’s handprint £26.99

This is a stunning wooden photo frame that includes an ink pad to make a print of your child’s hand to include in the frame! £26.99 isn’t at all bad for something you will keep forever, especially if like me you didn’t get your baby’s hands and feet moulded at birth and have regretted it ever since!

Not on the High Street – Personalised solid copper photo frame £21.45

Slightly cheaper than the frame above at £21.45 but smaller and more suitable for a desk at work or just a little token to accompany another present. I love the way this frame looks and would definately have it in my house!

Donut bouquets

Anyone who knows James will know just how perfect this idea is for him! He lives for doughnuts and would run laps round the house if he received a donut bouquet – it’s something a bit different after all!

HA Designs Personalised card holder £25 

Perfect for dads on the go and something they can actually use!

Monica Vinader bracelet £95

Men’s engravable friendship bracelet – a simple bracelet featuring a silver tag for engraving and toggle slides to tighten. Perfect for engraving with your baby’s initials for an extra special gift!

Personalised peppa pig book £14.99

Isla is massively into books at the moment so this would be a perfect present for both James and her! They love to read together and she enjoys flicking through the pages (and pulling the odd one out here and there) everyone wins with this one!

Getting Personal Photo wrapping paper £3.99

This is the perfect wrapping paper and for £3.99 you can personalise it with 12 precious photos to celebrate that special first Father’s Day!

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