Christmas Wishlist Ideas

If I could live in Christmas all year round, I definately would! I absolutely love this time of year and with it being Isla’s first Christmas it feels more magical and exciting than ever.

It usually takes me until the Christmas tree is up to feel festive, but this year a few fairy lights spotted on a random house on the drive back from town done the trick, I am officially merry on the thought of Christmas!

I know Christmas can be stressful, especially if you don’t know what to buy your loved ones so I thought I would put together my wish list in hope of giving you all some inspiration (and because I know James reads my posts!) Also, mum if you’re reading… don’t give up now!

I thought I would also include some gifts that I have given to people in the past that have been a real winner (I have included links to the websites) –

Ugg Slippers – For both girls and boys, these are an incredible gift. I brought a pair for James many moons ago and he insists they are one of the best presents he’s ever had. Maybe he’s a tad sad, but I happen to agree with him! I was brought a pair two christmases ago and they are hands down the best slippers. They are super comfy and durable, they are also a gift that I don’t think many people would think to buy themselves.

StylPro makeup brush cleaner – not sure about you guys but I definately don’t clean my makeup brushes as much as I should. I absolutely love doing my makeup and want to get the most from my brushes but cleaning them every week or after use like some people do is messy and just so laborious… to be honest I have much better things to be doing! However, the game has changed! This little bad boy of a contraption cleans and dries brushes within 30 secs, ready to use again. Yes please Santa!

Charlotte Tilbury goodies– Okay, so I’m just ever so slightly Charlotte Tilbury obsessed. I watch endless tutorials by Charlotte and I am hands down head over heels in love with her effortless style. She makes glam look so easy and quick and given I have about 5 minutes (if I’m lucky!) to do my makeup every day I think I am owed her entire range! As there is very little chance of this happening, if I had to choose I would love the Filmstar Bronze and Glow, Hollywood Contour Wand and Charlotte’s magic cream.

Dressing gown – Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am the Queen of dressing gown’s! I currently have 5 but I’m very up for owning 6 if anyone is feeling generous haha! For me personally, you can’t go wrong with a dressing gown so I have linked my all time favourite one which is from John Lewis – £39 very well spent!

Monica Vinader – Since Isla was born, I’ve been on the hunt for a dainty silver necklace with her initial on it but unfortunately I’m yet to find one that I really like and will want to wear forever. I did however, stumble across a personalised bracelet on Monica Vinader which is so simple and beautiful and would be an extra special gift for that special someone. I was actually initially on the website to snoop at their gorgeous rings, also worth a look!

I hope this has helped someone!




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