We are expecting baby no2!

Finally, no more secrets!

It feels like I’ve been pregnant for a lifetime already and keeping it a secret has been so difficult. We found out really early on when I was about 4 weeks pregnant so as you can imagine the last 10 weeks have dragged something crazy!

We are so grateful and beyond happy to be expecting again and can’t wait to make Isla a big sister. Our new little addition will be another summer baby, due in June, and will share a birthday month with myself and Isla (also my brother in law, nephew and dad). James and his bank balance are already in tears!

This baby is due just under 2 weeks before Isla’s birthday but anything could happen and we could have two babies born on the same date, two years apart! Who knows!

So far this pregnancy has been quite different to my last. At this point in my pregnancy with Isla, I had taken about 350 bump photos (at least!) and I had spent more time on the Pregnancy+ app than I had done breathing. This time round it’s very different! Life is so hectic with Isla right now, at times I have forgotten I’m pregnant. I have gone days without checking my app (the former pregnant Georgia would be outraged) and to be frank, I have just been trying to survive from one day to the next.

The eating has been relentless – 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches before midday, not to mention the afternoon snacks, dinner and pre bed feast. Now that I’m past 3 months and feeling slightly more with it, I’m trying to curb my appetite but it’s proving difficult. I never suffered sickness with Isla but this time I did and it knocked me for six. I’m not a good sick person anyway but this was truely rough at times. I’ve spent days upon days laying on the sofa like a washed up whale with a face the colour of the grinch. It’s not been glamorous at all and I’ve found myself feeling like a really crap mum to Isla as I haven’t always had the energy to play with her and the amount of ham sandwiches she’s eaten for dinner is a joke.

I’m now 14 weeks and I’ve definitely turned a corner, the sickness has gone and I’d like to say the tiredness has too but I’d be lying. Any opportunity for a nap, I will grab it! On the train, on my lunch hour, on the loo, waiting for the midwife.. basically anywhere at anytime. You’ll be pleased to know Isla is back on a proper diet too haha and I’m finally back to washing my hair and brushing my teeth. Small victories and all that…

Lots of people have already asked if I think I know what I’m having and to be honest the answer is no. With Isla, I just knew she was a girl but this baby has thrown me off track. There are lots of simularities and differences in my pregnancies and for that reason I have no idea! If I was to put money on it, I’d say a boy but that would be with no real gut sense behind it.

My belly is already huge and I swear I’m not just saying it. In the words of my boss ‘surely that can’t just be 3 months’. It’s been very, very difficult to hide so I’ve been walking around in bin sacks for the last 3 months. Finally the skin tight midis can emerge and I can get on with embracing my bump!

I honestly can’t believe it but here we go again! Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share this journey with you all. I appreciate I’ve been quiet online recently so this may not come as a shock to some! But anyway I’m back… sorry lol!

Lots of love




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