Autumnal Glow


If anything can make me go from feeling 0 to 100 it’s a good glow! Tan is an absolute miracle worker for my body confidence and for that reason I like to continue with my tanning routine all year round and not just in the summer months.

I have been experimenting (and believe me I haven’t always been successful!) with fake tan since I was about 16 and now just a meer 9 years later I think I might have finally cracked a natural, non-streaky, non-sticky, non-smelly tan! About time too I hear you say!

My personal preference is for a natural sun kissed look. Below I have listed the 3 products that I use and swear by, but first things first, I always exfoliate my entire body and moisturise any dry areas (usually knees, elbows, feet and hands). Preparation is key!

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B O D YSt Moriz dark tanning mousse £3

This is a mousse containing olive milk and vitamin E which is super easy to apply. I squirt a full pump onto my tanning mitt for each body part and apply across my entire body excluding my face, hands and feet. This needs at least 4 hours to develop so I usually apply it before bed and wash it off first thing in the morning. It’s non-sticky but I would advise wearing loose clothing to bed to prevent any transfer onto your lovely fresh whites! This is available in Boots, Wilko, Superdrug and Tesco.


F A C EClarins self tanning milky lotion £20

This is a very lightweight cream which is quickly absorbed and smells delightful! It contains aloe Vera gel and fig extract which softens your skin and leaves it feeling plump and hydrated. It’s a handy 2in1 moisturiser and tan for those who don’t like to fuss with lots of products or simply don’t have the time (I hear you mums!).

I squeeze a small amount, about the size of a 20p, onto the tips of my fingers and massage all over my face giving myself a cheeky facial at the same time. Make sure to rub down onto your neck and chest and keep away from your eyebrows and hair line. I usually apply this before bed and by the morning I look like I’ve been on a sunny all inclusive in Spain!

I appreciate this is more of a luxury product but when the tanning moose for your body is only £3 it makes you feel less guilty!


H A N D S  &  F E E TGarnier Amber Solaire no streaks bronzer  £12

I use a spray specifically for my hands and feet as a spray is the best way to ensure an even tan in tricky areas. Im sure the St. Moriz mousse would apply well to your hands and feet if you’ve got the skills but after a few attempts and looking like I’d had my hand up a cows dairy air I thought I’d give up and go for the easy option. This is a dry mist which drys almost immediately and needs 3 hours to develop. Available in Tesco and boots!

At the moment I am using a St Tropez tanning mitt, £5, but I often swap between that and one from Primark for £3. I just buy from whichever shop is closer, there is no difference in the mitts whatsoever.


Happy tanning!




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