Hello world!

Well here it is, my very own corner of the internet! I can’t quite believe it…

I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be writing my very first blog post but here goes! If I learnt anything from school it was to include who, what, when and why when writing so I guess I should start by giving you some background on me and what has led me to launch my very own online space.

I was never particularly clued up on social media and mainly used it to spy on my mum once I moved out of home, however, when I fell pregnant with my daughter in October 2016 I discovered a whole new online world of women sharing their journey into motherhood and it was there that my journey into the huge world of social media began.

My desire to start my own blog has felt like a silly dream more than anything else, especially at this point in my life where time seems more limited than ever but the excitement of sharing my journey and supporting others has got me this far. I am 25 and live in Essex with my husband, James and our beautiful daughter, Isla, who was born in June 2017.

Prior to having Isla, I was lucky enough to enjoy my day job which kept me VERY busy at the best of times and now that I am on maternity leave I am left craving a little something to keep my brain ticking over and well here it is. The reality is I’m so in love with my little girl and this whole motherhood thing and want to document it in some way.

I am passionate about healthy living for both the body and mind, and love anything to do with beauty. I am totally at one with the ‘beauty junkie’ title and love keeping up with new trends and discovering new products. I also adore interior design and am on a constant mission (much to James’ disappointment) to up-do our home. You can expect all of this accompanied by plenty of photos for you to enjoy!

Most of all I hope you will find it to be a positive space full of honesty, tips, tricks and insights! This is just somewhere I can share a little bit of my life and document this incredible journey.