24hr turnaround skin

Since being back at work and having less time to take care of myself I’ve noticed that my skin has suffered. It’s not covered in spots, although they are more common than not these days, but it’s dull, uneven, dry and far from it’s best.

Without spending ridiculous amounts on skincare products I wanted to go back to basics and it has worked wonders. I noticed that my skin was better in as little as 12 hours and completely different within 24 hours so I thought I’d share my routine.

Drink plenty of water – im awful at drinking water, I never feel thirsty so I have to constantly remind myself to drink. I’ve started to drink between 2/3litres a day and it’s made a big difference to my skin. My skin is definately more plump, colourful (rather than grey and dull) and looks rejuvenated. It really is amazing how different your skin looks when you are hydrated! I’ve also noticed that if I have a spot it clears a lot quicker if I drink plenty of water.

Hot cloth once a day – this is one of my mums skincare hacks and it’s insane! My mum is 60 this month and doesn’t have a single wrinkle, people are always shocked by her age and she swears it’s the hot cloth that keeps her looking youthful. Soak a flannel or cotton cloth under hot water (as hot as you can take it), ring it out and then place it over your face for 30 seconds pressing the cloth into your skin. After 30 seconds, remove the cloth and splash your face with ice cold water. One of the best ways to cleanse facial pores is to steam your face, which is exactly what this method does. Once your pores have opened and the dirt and debris have been eliminated, your clean pores will absorb products better. It also enhances circulation giving your a nice plump, fresh look.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise – it doesn’t matter what products you use but I found sticking to a consistent routine once in the morning and the evening every day helped to even out my complexion and ensure it stays that way. I feel having a routine feeds your skin and keeps it feeling and looking good. I use Nivea 2in1 cleanser and toner to remove my makeup, I then wash my face using clearsil rapid action scrub and moisturise using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I never use face wipes!

Face masks – I use a mask once a week and it’s a perfect little pick me up. I recently discovered Nip and Fab hydrate dragons blood fix plumping mask extreme and it’s amazing! I swear it looks like I’ve had Botox afterwards. One of these a week is a perfect way of keeping your skin hydrated, glowing and consistent!

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